What is Co-dependency?

Codependency is an excessive emotional, physical, and psychological reliance upon a relationship that is dysfunctional. It is an emotional condition that can destroy a person’s happiness, career, health and personal relationships.

Submitting to others, rather than affirming our own reality is at the heart of active co-dependence – we give up ourselves in order to please, satisfy or impress others. Such co-dependence amounts to a self-betrayal. By betraying our True Self, our sense of integrity and wholeness suffers. Our spirit wilts.

Origins of Codependency Behaviour

It can be traced back to childhood and family of origin issues. Perhaps there was a sick person in the family who was the sole focus of everyone’s attention and efforts or there were serious problems that tended to be “ pushed under the rug” in an attempt to pretend that everything was fine.
Children in such families learn to avoid feelings and emotions. They learn to define themselves through other’s behaviours, successes, or failures. In adulthood, co-dependents look for approval from others to feel good and seek to save others from poor choices.

What is CodependencyTop Ten Questions to Ask About Codependent Behavior

1. Do you avoid confrontation?

2. Do you you attend to your needs or another’s first?

3. Do you accept verbal or physical abuse by others?

4. Do take responsibility for the actions of others?

5. Do you feel shame when others make mistakes?

6. Do you do more than your share at work, at home or in organizations?

7. Do you ask for help?

8. Do you need others’ validation to feel good about yourself?

9. Do you think everyone’s feelings are more important than your own?

10. Do you suffer from low self esteem?



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