Anger Management Counselling

Anger management, anger is an emotion, a healthy and natural expression of certain experiences. Anger becomes a problem when it becomes out of control and when it hurts people emotionally or even physically.
However, anger management problems are usually a sign that there is a larger issue at hand. Identifying the underlying cause of anger management problems and treating it appropriately is the best chance at properly managing the problem.

Anger management counselling - Rahney Dublin

Some common causes for developing anger management issues:

Witnessing poor anger management. Children learn how to behave and regulate their emotions by watching their parents. If one or both parents have problems managing their anger, the child will grow up believing that losing their temper is an acceptable and normal reaction to anger.
Experiencing abuse. Witnessing or experiencing any kind of abuse as a child or an adult is a risk factor for developing anger management issues.

Stress due to a job, an unhappy relationship or even the death of a loved one lowers our threshold for feeling overwhelmed. If stress becomes chronic or is not managed properly, anger issues become more frequent and may turn into a habit for dealing with feelings of overwhelm.
Being taught that expressing emotions is unacceptable. Emotions are a necessary and natural part of life, regardless of gender, and suppressing these emotions creates a pressure cooker environment and once in a while it blows.

Low self-esteem People with low self-esteem tend to misinterpret events as being threatening to themselves, their goals or their needs.

Hiding other emotions. Sometimes, other emotions are too hurtful or overwhelming to express and so they become overshadowed by expressions of anger. When a person feels safe to be vulnerable, most the time underneath the anger are emotions such as hurt, sadness, loneliness or grief.

Lack of sleep Not sleeping enough can result in feeling edgy and easily irritable.

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